Welcome to my web site

Who Am I? I'm a woodworking that started woodworking about 6 years ago. My workshop is my two car garage. I have learned so much from other people's web sites that I decided to start this website in the chance that I might actually help someone. I enjoy hearing from anyone that finds this website useful since it actually takes a lot of time keeping it updated.

If you have a question or comment please email me.


This year I'm privileged to have my workshop featured in Wood Magazine's special addition: America' best Home Workshops 2013. The magazine is scheduled to come out at the end of March.


2013 Home Workshop


Note: Do to an illness I have not been able to be in my workshop and therefore nothing new will be added to my website for awhile. I'm still available to answer any questions you may have.

Current Projects

Drill Press Stand - I recently adding the dimensions of my drill press stand.

TV Stand - Yes I recently made a TV stand for my living room but this one is for my parents and it will be completely different from the one I made, although the wood will be the same.


parents tv stand


Shelves for my garage. I'm always trying to organize my garage so I'm going to add some cabinets. I need a space for everything.

2 Mahogany Dovetail Boxes - to fit inside my TV stand and hold my Xbox games

Oak Bedroom lamp -


Just Finished

Coffin - Yes a coffin. A friend has asked me to make a small coffin for his ashes. He wants the coffin to look like Pope John Paul's. It's made from Cypress and the ends will be dovetailed. The coffin is tapered both in width and height. A cross is inset on the top of the coffin.



Dust Collection system with woodworking cyclone - I just finished installing 220 in my garage. I also recently purchased a woodworking cyclone so I've been installing that along with a central dust collection system.
   Designing my Dust Collection System
   Installing my Oneida-Air woodworking cyclone


Mahogany TV Stand

TV stand


Tapering (angle cutting) Jig - I needed an angle jig over the weekend but I didn't want to purchase one so I made one. This was incredibly easy to make and very easy to use.

Clamp Rack
I know this doesn't sound very exciting but I saw an idea that can hold 30 clamps in the space of only 10 clamps. I'm also making a storage rack for my 20+ pipe clamps and for my other clamps that won't fit on either of the other two racks.

Planner / Sander Cabinet -
I redesigned my planner cabinet to hold my Ridgid oscillating sander. The sander is set on full extension slides so I can slide it out of the cabinet to use it. I added a dust collection system for the sander that works great.



A Few of My Finished Projects

clamp rack

Clamp Rack















cyclone dust collector






Home made cyclone trash can lid








tool cabinet



Tool Cabinet












sandpaper cabinet



Sandpaper cabinet








miter stand




A Miter Stand with side supports.










table saw storage cabinet




Under the Table Saw Extension Storage Cabinet





vacuum cart


Shop Vac Cart









Grizzly Hybrid Table Saw




Rebuilding My Grizzly Hybrid Table Saw









cut fence


Refurbishing a Biesemeyer Fence