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I didn't include the sizes of the drawers because I figured people would want to make their own based on the sizes they need. I also thought people would have their own way they like to make drawers. I have since been asked about the drawers so I'll added the information.

I made 7 drawers. All had 1/2" plywood front, back and sides. The bottom was 1/4" plywood. The bottom is set in a 1/4" deep slot routed 1/4" up from the bottom of the drawer. This caused each drawer to lose a 1/2" in dept.

The sides, back and front pieces of each drawer is the same height. Both side pieces are the same length (19-11/16"). The front piece is 23-1/2" and back piece is 24". 

Since the sides, front and back pieces are the same for all the drawers I'll provide the height of each drawer, starting with the top drawer. The dimension that following the height of the inner drawer is the height of the drawer face. Each drawer face is 25" X 3/4" so only the height changes.

Drawer 1 = 2-1/2" ; 3-1/8"
   Drawer 2 = 2-1/2" ; 2-15/16"
   Drawer 3 = 3"       ; 3-1/2"
   Drawer 4 = 3"       ; 3-1/2"
   Drawer 5 = 3"       ; 3-5/8"
   Drawer 6 = 3-1/2" ; 3-3/4"
   Drawer 7 = 5-1/2" ; 6-1/4"

I used 18" full extension sliders

The total drawers dimensions are 24" wide X 20" long. Based on the dimensions I provided, I rabbit the front side pieces 1/2" X 7/32 deep.

drawer front


I route the ends of each back piece the same as above.

drawer rabbit


This was my method for installing the drawers. For the first drawer I took a 1/4" and 1/8" hardboard and placed them both on each side of the bottom of the cabinet. They actually are setting on the top of the bolts for the wheels. I place the drawer and slides in place and marked on the drawer where the slides were located. For the first drawer the slides were almost at the bottom of the sides. If this doesn't make since keep reading.

I put slides on top of the hardboard. I used two adjustable right angles. One was set of the depth of the sliders.


The other is used to check that the slide is square to the case. If it wasn't square I adjusted the slide so it was square then I marked the holes and predrilled. I then screwed the slide in place.


I did the same thing with the other side.




For the next drawer I place a 1/2" piece of plywood on each side along with the 1/4" and 1/8" hardboard. I place the slides on top and screw them in place the same way as I did above using the two adjustable 90 degree squares.



I remove the hardboard and place the drawer on top of the 1/2" piece of plywood. I put the slides in place on the side of the cabinet.



I mark the location of the slides on the drawer front.


I removed the drawer and place the drawer part of the slide were the mark was placed. I then set my adjustable 90 degree square with the bottom of the drawer and the drawer slide. I use this measurement to align the drawer slide with the bottom of the drawer.

I also use the square to check the distance of the slide to the front of the drawer. This measurement needs to be consistent with all the slides.


I mark the location for the screws then I pre pre-drill the holes. Sometimes when I turn the drawer around to put on the other slide I have trouble keeping the drawer steady and lining up the other slide. If this happens I mark the location and pre-drill the first hole. Once the screw is in place it's easier to mark the location for the two remaining screws.


I decided to line these drawers with felt. I used a large piece of poster board and cut it to the size of the drawer. I then glue the felt in place.


I used on large piece of 3/4" plywood to cut the drawer fronts. I cut the drawer fronts to size then screwed then in place. Next I added some molding to cover the plywood.



You can see in the photo below how nice the drawer fronts looked with all the grain matching.

I'm not sure if I cover it earlier but I did bolt the miter saw to the cabinet. I've used the cabinet for awhile now and I'm surprise that I actually do use the side wings. I haven't used them both at the same time but they do come in handy. If you found this article helpful please email me and let me know. This takes a lot of time and if I don't hear from people then it must not be helping anyone and therefore there's no need for me to do this.


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