Bandsaw Accessory Holder

Since everything is put on hold until I can get hold of Grizzly to have them assist me in fixing my table saw, I decided to work on a few projects that don’t require a table saw. I saw something similar on the Internet and decided to create my own version.


I have a Grizzly G055X bandsaw. Although I like this bandsaw I could not recommend it nor would I purchase anything again from Grizzly based on my experience with their technical support.


BandsawThe first thing I did was to determine the size of wood I would need.


Measuring the wood


Mark miter headI used a spare piece of ¾” cherry 16 ¾” X 5”. I took off the miter bar so I could place the miter piece on the wood and draw around it. I marked where I would have to cut the front part too. I have several other items I would like to store on this piece so I marked their location on the wood. Some of the items will need a bottom piece to support it while other will need to go completely through the wood.



Mark wood where needed for accessoriesI placed slashes where I planned to make the cuts. I cut all the pieces with a scroll saw although a jigsaw could have been used.  Before marking the wood, I turned it upside down and marked where the bandsaw stand would be verses where the overhang would be. (The arrow is pointing at this line). For the items that will go through the wood I need to plan to place them where the overhang is.

After cutting the pieces out, I glued a ¼” piece of hardboard to the bottom. I place the glue on the wood piece and not the hardboard. I clamped the pieces together and set it aside to dry. While the glue dried, I worked on the piece for the front of the Bandsaw that will hold the fence.


Cut through board where neededOnce the glue was dry, I cut the through slots and a slot for the miter gauge arm. I sanded the sides and rounded the corners.



I then bolted the wood to the bandsaw.

Right side board completed










Finished photo
















Measure front board


Now for the front piece. I measured the piece of wood then marked it.












Mark front piece

Even though I marked ½” on each side I actually made it about an inch on each side. Also the photo shows a spare piece of cherry I had but I ended up using a piece of spare walnut instead.





I lack detailed photos since I couldn’t locate my camera. As with the first piece I made, I added ¼” hardboard for the bottom. I then located some spare bolts and bolted it to the bandsaw stand.


Front piece cut













Front piece bolted on

















 Finished photo