Drill Press Stand/Grinder Stand

This is my old drill press stand. I plan on moving the drill press onto the new stand and placing my grinder and another tool on the old drill press stand. The new stand will be pretty much the same except much narrower.  

drill press cabinet         





Since this is just an average cart or stand I didn't take photos of making the cabinet. The stand is slightly top heavy but I don't have a problem moving it because of the large wheels I attached.

drill press cabinet        drill press cabinet


drill press cabinet        drill press cabinet


The cabinet is made from 3/4" baltic birch while the drawer are 1/2". I've really put this drill press through the wringer and it's done great. I really like although I won't call it a bench top since I can't lift it to move it around.

I designed the top of the cabinet so it overhangs the drawers about an inch on each side. I did this so when I drill the waste don't fall in the drawers. I don't have a CAD program so I hand wrote the dimensions. If you can read something, please email me.

drill press deminsions


drill press drawer deminsions

I attached the case with pocket hole screws. The back of the top and both sides where routed to fit the 1/2" back. The back sets on the bottom board. I used 18" full extension slides.

drill press attached with pocket holes




drill press stand back


The top board is flush with the back. I used 4" wheels which actually raised it 5".















drill press stand drawers


The drawers can be whatever size you may need but I still added the dimensions I used.

I routed the ends of each side 1/4" deep by 1/2" wide to attached the front and back boards.

Drawers can be made in many ways. I used this method because it was the quickest.










drill press stand drawers closeup


I made the bottom of the drawers from 1/4" plywood. Before gluing the drawers together I routed a 1/4" X 1/4" in each piece to fit the bottom board. I don't recall the dimensions of the bottom board but I recommend that you cut the drawers first then determine the size of the bottom board.

bottom board of drawers

If you need assistance on attaching the drawer slides check out my instructions on my miter stand. If I recall correctly, I attached the slides to the sides prior to putting the stand together.


Grinder Stand

I disassembled my old drill press stand and used the wood to create a new stand for my grinder. I've needed a stand for my grinder for a long time and it won't fit with the drill press on the old stand. I wanted to get the completed in a hurry and I didn't want to lose the space by dado cuts so I used pocket holes to secure the pieces together. The old drawer will be used but cut down to size.


grinder stand