Dust and Rust

I'm improving my workshop's dust collection. Some of the items posted here will also be under the project sections but I also have a few small projects planned to improve the dust collection at my various tools. I recently purchased an Oneida-Air 3HP woodworking cyclone. This motivated me to add a 220 sub breaker in my garage.


Designing my duct collection system

Installing my Oneida Air 3HP Gurilla Woodworking Cyclone

Dust Collection

Rust Prevention

  • Sandflex Blocks - I just learned about these and they are amazing.
  • Silica Gel - Takes the moisture out of the air.
  • CRC3-36 - Fine Woodworking (August 2012) did an article on rust preventive products. They rated this as their overall best product. They claimed the product was only $6 on Amazon.com but they didn't include the $12 the company wanted to ship it. You can go to CRC industries' website to find retailers of their products. I located a Granger near me that sells the product. One of the things that surprised me was the results for WD-40. It looks like it did just was well as the CRC but they didn't say much about this.

I searched the Internet researching what type of mask woodworkers are using. I have a very cheap one that I'm having a hard time locating refills and a very expensive full helmet type one.

The mask I ended up purchasing is made by 3M. I have the same set up as the The Wood Whisperer.He has a great video regarding the mask and how it works.

3M dust mask

This is a 3M 7500 series. I say series because the numbers are different based on the size of the mask. It comes in small #7501 ($21.), medium # 7502 and large # 7503. I purchased a small because I have a small head. It works but I wish I had purchased a medium. I think most men would wear a large.

The respirator I was looking for is sold on Amazon.com but I purchased it from EnviroSafety Products. I never heard of this company but because I needed some accessories for the mask, which I couldn't purchase off Amazon.com I just purchased everything from them and they had good prices.

The way the mask appears in the photo to the left is for everyday woodworking. It keeps almost 100% of the particles out.


For working with organic solvents, thinners, lacquers, enamels, stains, and wood sealant, I purchased a 3M Organic Vapor Cartridge 6001 ($7.80 a pair). I noticed many web sites sold the cartridges per cartridge. I don't know what one cartridge is going to do but this company sold their's in pairs. The cartridge easily attaches to the mask.

3M 6001 organic vapor cartridge


This is the piece I had trouble finding on the web. You can exchange the dust filters (the pink ones, sorry they only come in pink) for the vapor cartridges and visas versa but to use both at the same time requires an adapter, 3M 502 Filter Adapter ($3.15 a pair). The adapter clicks onto the vapor cartridge. I really had to make sure the adapter clicked onto the cartridge.

3M 502 filter adapter









cartridge and adapter togetherfilter and cartridge attached to mask


dust mask with everything attached


TREND AIR/PRO Airshield and Faceshield Dust Protector

Trend Air shield


I wish I hadn't purchased this because it's very expensive and really not needed. I use it when working on sanding acrylics or any type of plastics. For me it's very heavy, especially when I lean forward to work on something. It's very top heavy since the battery pack is located there. If you have any specific questions about the Trend Airshield I'd be happy to try to answer them. Just email me.






JET AFS-1000B 3-Speed Air Filtration System with Remote and Electrostatic Pre-Filter.

Jet AFS-1000B air filter system

I'm really glad I purchased this. I use it all the time and it works great. I installed it myself so I think most people could do it.

It comes with a remote control so I don't have to climb a ladder every time I want to turn it on. It has three speeds, although I use the low speed most of the time just because the other speeds are very noisy.

Another great feature is the automatic shut off timer. When I finished working in the garage I can close the door and run the filter for a couple of hours. Then it will shut off by itself.


3M dust filter for jet

Although the jet filter claims to be 1 X 12 X 24 it's actually 1 X 11.5 X 23.5. I've noticed on various Internet forums that people have had problems locating refill filters. The Jet refills are about $20 whereas this one was $5.99. The 3M says it's 1 X 12 X 24 but reading the label it's actually 1 X 11.6 X 23.6.

There's a larger filter inside but I've used this over two years and still haven't changed it.






Shop Vac - Fein Vacuum 9-11-55

fein shop vac 9-11-55

I've never owned a different shop vac. so I have nothing to compare this to. Before purchasing a shop vac I read different reviews. It was often mentioned how noise they are. One of the features of this one was that it's quite. I also like the feature were I can plug in my sander into the shop vac so when I turn the sander on the shop vac turns on.

I recently made a shop vac cart which makes it much easier to move it around the shop.







Delta 50-760 Dust Collector

The image on the left show what the dust collector looks like when new. I changed mine so I could add a trash can lid cyclone separator. It really helps with the dust collection and it's not hard to make. Again, this is the only dust collector I've ever owned so I don't have anything to compare it to but I've had it for several years now and really like it. The only thing I don't like are the wheels. I wish the wheels were larger and could roll over things easier. I would like to set it up so I don't have to roll it around the garage but everything isn't set up in my shop yet.

delta dust collector


Rust Prevention

I purchased my rust prevention items from an Internet store called The Rust Store.

Sandflex Blocks


I recently learned about these and thought I'd try them. I can't believe how well they work. I'm planning on working on my drill press table. I'll take some before and after photos to show how great they work. I used them on my table saw which had some strange rust marks. Took them right off with a little elbow grease. They come in fine, medium and course.



Silica Gel

Silica Gel is used to absorb the moisture from the air. I purchase it in the bulk bags then put it in smaller containers. I use the containers in my saw blade drawers, tool drawers and my hanging wall tool cabinet. The silica gel is an effective method of reducing harmful moisture in an enclosed area.

The orange silica gel beads turn clear when they have absorbed enough moisture so I add them to the other beads.

When I place the gel in a new location it becomes saturated very quickly as it absorbs the moisture. Once in place for awhile I don't have to change it as often. The silica gel can be reused by heating it in the oven.


I have several small containers that I've drilled a couple of holes in the lid. I also purchased a couple of these 40 gram rechargeable silica gel canisters. When new the center of the canister is blue but when it turns pink it needs to be recharged in the over.


Shark Guard

I just purchased a shark guard with a 4" dust collection system. Since I'm researching dust collection I've run across a lot of information regarding how dangerous dust can be to someone's health. I use zero clearance inserts most of the time on my table saw so a lot of the dust ends up on the saw's table top. After I use the Shark Guard for awhile I place a review here.