Finished Projects

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I've listed my finished projects in the order I 've completed them.




Mahogany TV Stand

tV stand


Clamp Rack -
Holds 30 clamps in the space of only 10 clamps. Also a clamp rack for my 20+ pipe clamps.

clamp rack pipe clamp rack


New Drill Press and Grinder Stand I had made a pervious drill press stand that worked well but as I continue with my woodworking, I realize that some of the cabinets I have made no longer serve my purpose. It's difficult to tear apart something I've made but it must be done. So I tore my cabinet apart and made two separate cabinets.

drill press stand   drill press stand    drill press stand


Several wall cabinets to store my woodworking books and radios. In the two plastic containers stored above the cabinet I have my receipts in one and the articles I cut out of the woodworking magazines in the other. I didn't post instructions on either of these boxes since they are very similar to my sanding cabinet without the dividers.

book cabinetbook cabinbet


radio cabinet   radio cabinet


Planner/Sander cabinet


Planer / Sander Cabinet


I'm redesigned my planer cabinet to hold my Ridgid oscillating sander. The sander is set on full extension slides so I can slide it out of the cabinet to use it. I also added a dust collection system for the sander that works great. I have a small chair that I have always used when I use the sander so I don't mind having it so lower.

I've finished the cabinet but I haven't finished updating the planer cabinet web page.



miter stand





A Miter Stand with side supports.









table saw storage cabinet




Under the Table Saw Extension Storage Cabinet





shop vacuum cart




Shop vacuum Cart







cyclone dust collector




My home made cyclone lid works great.












tool cabinet



Tool Cabinet












sandpaper cabinet


sandpaper wall cabinet









right side table saw extension




Table Saw Right Side Extension










bandsaw accessory holder



Bandsaw Accessory Holder









sanding disc stand



Sanding Disc Standing










Refurbishing a Biesemeyer Fence





  cut fence


Table Saw extension table


This is a very basic table saw extension table. It attaches to the right side of the table saw. Leg supports are also needed but are not shown.