Pipe Rack and Misc Clamp Rack

Pipe Clamp Rack

I originally had my pipe clamps on the wall horizontally supported by strong shelf brackets but it wasn't convenient to get a clamp down. Most of the pipe racks I located on the Internet only held one pipe clamp pre spot. I needed one that could hold at least 3 pipe clamps pre spot. After designing a few prototypes I came across the perfect pipe rack to fit my needs. It would hold the most clamps in the least amount of space. It was originally featured in Wood Magazine.

30" 2 X 4 Kiln dried wood (I used Douglas Fir)
   1/2" Steel Rod (I used 2 6' and 1 24" to make 14 8" pieces)
   4 - 3/8" 4-1/2" lag screws with fender washers.


My first attempt to drill 5 degree holes in my 2 X 4 was scraped. My second attempted turned out much better. First I marked the board. Based on the number of clamps I need the rack to hold, I made the 2 X 4 30" long. I marked the location of each hole.



There must be numerous ways to drill a 5 degree hole in a board but this is how I did it. I used a 1/2" drill bit, my digital angle meter and two pieces of hardboard.










I slide the first piece of hardboard under the 2 X 4 until my angle meter reads about 5 degrees.











I take the second board and slide it in between the space of the first hardboard and the 2 X 4. This helps support the board and keep it at the angle when the pressure of the drill bit hits the wood.








Next the 1/2" steel rod needs to be cut in 8" lengths. Every two 8" rods will hold 3 pipe clamps. I needed to hold 21 pipe clamps so I cut 18 8" rod pieces.

Before installing the rods I pre-drilled the lag screw holes and determined where on the wall I was going to place the rack. Although I don't think the rods need to be glued in place, I still used a small amount of two part epoxy in each hole. I screwed the lag screws into the wall studs and placed the pipe clamps on the rods. This was a very fast and easy way to store my 21 pipe clamps.

install 8" rods in 2 X4

clamp rack






Misc. Clamps Storage Rack

I still have some clamps that didn't work with either of the other two racks. My deep throat clamps, wooden clamps, c-clamps, and a few of my Craftsman clamps need a better place. I'm still working on designing this.