Refurbishing a Biesemeyer Fence


Have you ever cut into your table saw fence with your table saw? If you've delayed fixing it or you're not sure about taking it apart, here's how.

cut fence


The first step is to remove the rubber that lines the top of each side. This should just pull out unless someone owned it before you and glued it in place. I tried to locate a replacement for this rubber strip but was unsuccessful. If you read this article and know how this rubber can be replaced by either making it or purchasing it, please email and let me know.


remove old laminate

Next the old laminate must be removed from the damaged side. Start at an edge and work the corner up. The laminate might come off in one piece or may break apart. This step might be difficult since the strength of the contact cement will be different based on the age and use of the fence. If you have trouble removing the laminate, at least try to remove if enough to show the screws.




old laminate removed


Most of the time only one side will need to be replaced. The bolts unscrew and you can replace the wood with a 1/2" piece of baltic birch plywood. I've advise using a good quality baltic birch because the fence needs to be flat so you don't want fillers in the plywood.












Mark the holes on the new piece using the location of the holes on the old piece. Make sure to countersink the bolt heads.

old and new piece


A slot needs to be cut on the top of the side piece to fit the rubber piece. The slot is the width of a normal table saw blade.

slot on top for rubber piece


I cut a piece of laminate and glued it on with contact cement.

contact cement


Since the screws are underneath the laminate the board has to be screwed back in place prior to gluing the laminate on. I used a handheld router and a flush trim router but to route the laminate flush to the wooden side piece. I was only unable to route a very small piece near the "T" section. I used sandpaper in this area until it was flush. I then put the rubber piece back in place.


finished fence