Refurbishing my Grizzly G0478

The Hybrid Table Saws are basically a contractor's saw installed in a cabinet. One of the major difference between a contractor saw and a cabinet saw is how the trunnion system is mounted on the saw. A contractor saw, and most hybrid table saws, attach the trunnion system to the underside of the table top. This method of attaching the trunnion system to the top of the table saw is fine for the contractor saw because the system can be fairly easy to access but as for the hybrid table saw it makes it much more difficult.


Table sawRecently my table saw alignment was way off. No matter what I did I couldn't align it. I contacted Grizzly tech support and received horrible service from a guy that didn't know anything so he made it up. After writing a letter of complaint to Grizzly Headquarter, I received a call from their top tech and received great service. They replaced all the broken parts free. Eventually it was thought that something in the main trunnion system was broken. The only way to truly make this determination is to completely disassemble the table saw. Since the company didn't have any type of manual, images or instructions on how this should be done, I thought I’d document my experience.


grizzly table sawThis experience is not for the faint of heart. OK, here goes. First make sure the saw isn't plugged in. Then remove the front rail, back rail, and front tube. Also remove the table saw insert, blade, blade guard, and unscrew the blade guard support located in the back of the saw. Raise the arbor (the part that holds the blade) all the way up.


plastic part

There's a plastic part on the left side of the arbor. The plastic part is held in place with two screws. It’s also held in by two plastic parts in the back. Once the screws are removed, pull the plastic part toward the arbor. The plastic parts held in the back need to pop out , then you can remove it.


Remove the two side wings. I think they took a 17mm wrench.

bolts of side wing table top extensions


This is a good time to bring up the point of having a bunch of zip lock bags. I labeled the bags as I went along. I actually took this photo so I would remember what order the washers were in.

bolts and order of washers

mark and label zip lock bags




tilt indicator


Remove the motor door. It just lifts off the hinges. There is also an indicator at the front of the table saw that shows the degree of angle of the blade. This needs to be removed. It's held in by one bolt. Refer to image on left.









table saw wiring

I don't know much about electrical stuff so I was very careful to write down the wiring system before taking it apart. I marked in the manual, Yellow and black, red and black, white and white. I numbered the blacks to know which one went where.






motor bolts

Next I removed the motor. The motor is held in place by two bolts.

motor removed




Once the motor is removed this part will slide off.

once motor is removed

gear part removed





Special type of retaining clip on the back of the up and down rod. I purchase a special tool to remove it. I think I could have removed it without purchasing the tool, but I have dealt with this type of clip before so I thought it was time to purchase the special tool.

     retaining clip




Once the clip is removed the bar will pull out.

removing bar


main trunnion


Now for the tilt bar. Removed the screws on the outside first.





Now for the inside

These bolts unscrewed with an Allen wrench.




The bar will release from the cabinet but it can't be removed from the main trunnion. The bar will lift out with the main trunnion.










exterior table top boltsremove the table top bolts. The right side bolts on on the exterior but the left side bolts on inside the cabinet. There are four bolts that hold the top in place.









washer under table top

I have two washers located under the rear table top bolts between the table top and cabinet.










It's recommended to remove the table top with the trunnion still attached. Then the table top is turned upside down to access the trunnions.

I set up the saw horses.






I didn't have anyone to help so I wasn't able to turn the top over. Instead I decided to remove the trunnion bolts and the trunnion from the table top. There are a total of 6 trunnion bolts (3 hold the front and rear trunnion onto the main trunnion). The arrow in the image below shows the 2 left side bolts. There are 2 bolts on the right side and 2 in the middle of the front and back.


The image below shows the 3 rear trunnion bolts

rear trunnion bolts


The image below shows the front trunnion bolts.

front trunnion bolts


Main trunnion removed

main trunnion removed


Trunnion turned upside down. The front and rear trunnion will come right off the main trunnion once it's removed from the cabinet.


The front and rear trunnions are suppose to look like this.



The Broken Part Located - The main Trunnion was broken. Also the arbor bar would not unscrew so a new part was needed.



The arbor bar wouldn't unscrew no matter what I tried.

The main trunnion was replaced.

The arbor bar was also replaced.


While taking the saw apart a washer fell to the bottom of the cabinet. I later discovered where this washer belonged.






Re-assembling the table saw is done in the reverse order.