Sanding Disc Stand


I saw this in some magazine a couple of years ago and really like the idea. It allows you to store the sandpaper disc in a neat way and with this system you can take the sanding disc to your working location. The design allows for easy access to every grit.

It’s was very easy to put together. I first cut all the pieces. The image shows the pieces for only one but I made two of them so the below cut list is for the two.


measurement for alll the pieces2 – 3/4” plywood or a whitewood. 5 1/8” X 7 3/4” – This is the back piece. I used 7 ¾” because I wanted it a certain height. If you don’t have height requirements you can make this piece how ever tall you would like it.

2 – ¾” plywood or a whitewood. 5 1/8” X 6”

4 – 1/4” hardboard. 1 1/2” X 7 3/4” (cut to length)

8 – ¼” hardboard. 5 1/8” X 7 ¾”

4’  ¾” quarter round. (I purchased this at Home Depot in the home molding dept.) The ¾” dowel is cut into 5 1/8” lengths. You'll need 6 of these.

1 - 5/16” dowel (I don’t recall the length but they only had one size) You could also use wooden dowel pins that are 1 ½” long.

2d nails 1”


cut quarter round pieces

Cut the 3/4" quarter round piece into 6 pieces of 5 1/8" lengths.







marking location of holes


Next I marked the location of the 2 holes. I taped 4 of the hardboard pieces together to drill at one time. I used the sanding disc to mark the placement of the holes. You can use either a 5/16” drill (the size of the dowel) or what I used was a 17/64” drill which is slight smaller than the dowel.






After drilling the holes in the hardboard, I used one of the drill hardboards pieces and taped it onto the wooden 5 1/8” X 6” piece. I then drilled a hole about half way into this piece. If you go all the through it doesn't matter. 

drill hole in wood

Next I glued the ¾” quarter round pieces onto the ¼” hardboard pieces. The pieces are glue at the opposite ends of where the holes are drilled. The quarter round has two flat sides. One of the sides faces down on the hardboard and the other faces toward where the sanding disc will be. The wood bottom pieces doesn't need a quarter round piece.

glue quarter round pieces to hardboard

Glue the wooden bottom piece to the wooden back piece. Then first cut and glue in the dowel pieces into the holes of each hardboard pieces.

 Glue in Dowel


glue small side piece hardboard to wooden pieces





Next take the glued back and bottom wood pieces and glue the 1 ½” X 7 ¾” strip piece to the sides. The hardboard is flush with the back and bottom of the wooden pieces.











Nail quarter round pieces to hardboard


Each quarter round piece, that is glued onto a piece of hardboard, is nailed into place. The nail should be centered on the dowel to allow the hardboard piece to rotate up.  Space the hardboards about 1 ½” apart.



Mark each hardboard piece with the grit you would like.









completed stand with sanding disc

two finished stands