Making a Shop Vac Cart  page 2


drill hole for jigsaw

I used my Bosch drill to drill a hole in the board to fit the blade of the jigsaw.






After I cut the circle out I use my Ridgid sander. I use this sander all the time and really like it for the price. $199.00. Continue sanding until the bucket fits the hole.  

                   ridgid sander


   Now I cut out the part for the vacuum. I want to round the edges so it looks better. To figured out the arc, I start with the 1 ½ inch mark I made for the vacuum.










compass mark 1

Place the sharp part of the compass where the lines cross. Use the pencil part to make a mark on one of the lines.






compass mark 2

Leave the point of the compass where it is and mark the other line with the pencil.





compass mark 3

Next, place the point of the compass where the line and the arc you drew meet.







compass mark 4


Make another arc with the pencil.







compass marking 5

Due the same thing on the other arc you made. Place the point on the arc mark and line.






compass marking 6


Make another arc with the pencil. You'll notice the two arcs will cross.






compass marking 7


Where the arcs cross place the point of the compass.






compass marking 8Use the pencil to draw the last arc, which created the curve wanted. It really doesn't matter what you set the compass to. I think mine was about 1 ½ inch. Just leave the compass set at the same distance for each arc. Before cutting, read below.


Mark all four corners in this manner. Before making the cut, mark the two corners of the board. This time I wanted a larger arc so I set the compass at 3”

compass marking main board corners





So not to get confused, this photo is after all the markings had been made and I'm making the finally mark to achieve the corner.



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