Tips and Ideas


I'm a big Internet person. I learn a lot but also I shop for the best deals. 


Whiteside Router Bits - Although I don't have any of these router bits, the ones I do have are top notch. They were rated as the best router bits in 1999 and 2007 by Fine Woodworking Magazine.


Saw Blade Cleaner - I was looking for a pan to use to clean my table saw blades. I read the reviews on Rockler and decided I didn't want to purchase their cleaning system so I went on and purchased a 12" deep pan pizza pan.

pizza pan


The nut in the pan is used to prevent the blade from suctioning to the pan.







Ball Glass Jars - I use Ball glass jars for mixing my stains, shellac and other things. I purchased the 32oz in a 12 jar case and the 64 oz. jars in a 6 jar case. I found the best price for these is at an Ace Hardware.

Ball glass jars


I can mix and store my dyes in them. I mix my shellac flakes and there's so many more uses for these jars.


using and labeling the jar


Harbor Freight (H/F) - I'm surprised how many items I find at other stores and web sites that are sold at Harbor Freight at a fraction of the price. I personally don't purchase electrical tools from H/F but they have great deals.


My Harbor Freight Deals


I've seen this light selling for as much as $24.95. H/F sells it for $12.95 and sometimes it's on sale for $9.99. It works great with a magnetic bottom and adjustable arm.







misc tools


I'll have to get a better photo but H/F sells these files and rasp for much cheaper than other places that sell them for twice as much.









Again these are very strong clamps that sell for half to three time less than other places.






They also have great prices on rubber gloves for staining, bench brooms, scissors and their punch set ($9.95) which is the same that other's are selling for $19.95