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Cutting the Box

You can do this either on a table saw or with a circular saw. Since my table saw was still not working, I used my circular saw.


cutting the short ends first


Either way you cut the box start with the short ends first. The box should measure 13 1/4". The door will be approximately 3 1/4". I say approximately because you want to cut it where the finger joints meet. I marked the top of the box and set my fence in the correct position.








placing blue tape where you plan to cut will help tear out

I placed a piece of tape over the cut line. This helps prevent tear out.











Tack a batten across the cut to hold the section in place while cutting the rest of the box


I tacked a piece of wood to the section I had just cut. I then flipped the box over to cut the other end.












I added supports to protect the box when I turned it over


When I flip the box over I supported it so it wouldn't rock on the wooden batten I tacked to the top.


I cut the other end of the box and tacked another piece of wood on the end.


I then cut the long sides of the box.





I marked the cabinet body and top


I marked each end of the cabinet body and the top. This is very important when the top is cut and adding the hinges.







mark the back and the bottom of the box



I also marked the back and bottom of the cabinet body so I would remember which way is up.






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