Let Talk Tools

These are a few of the tools in my Workshop

I have to say this isn't one of my least favorite pages to write. I would like to write good and thorough reviews for each tool but I find this task very boring. If you're looking over my web site and wonder about a certain tool I'm using, please email me and ask me about it. I'd be happy to give you my opinion about it.


Ridgid planner

My Ridgid Planner. Although I can't compare this planner to another one, this one works great. I've used it quite often and it cut very clean. I usually use a piece of support wood on each side of the wood I'm planning as to prevent snipe.

I purchased this planner because it was rated as the Best Buy planner in several woodworking magazines.

I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a planner.






band clamps

Wolfcraft Band clamps. 

The band clamp on the right is a Bessey which I had purchased prior to the one on the left. When I needed another band clamp I looked on Amazon.com and came across the Wolfcraft band clamp. At the time, I purchased the Wolfcraft because it was only $25 while the Bessey clamp was $45 so I thought I'd give the Wolfcraft a try. I'm glad I did because I actually like it better than the Bessey clamp. It is easier to tighten or release the band and only one hand is needed unlike the bessey clamp, which requires two hands. Now if I only need to use one band clamp, the Wolfcraft is my go to clamp.



jet mini lathe


This is a JET Variable Speed Mini Lathe Model 1014. I love it. I had a Jet one speed lathe that I purchased used. It was fine but after a while I realized I needed a variable speed and this was well worth the $400.00 I paid for it. I have the extensions for it but never have used them.









rockler lathe

Sorry for the poor photo but this is a Rockler variable speed mini lathe that is a piece of Junk. I purchased it when they had it for half price. From $400 to $200 but even at $200 it's not worth it. I took it back and purchase the Jet. I was not able to get the lathe to run true. I actually contacted Rockler and they sent out a new tail stock but still it won't run true which is the whole point of a lathe. Go with the Jet.






Jet drill press


This is a Jet Table Top Drill Press. Although it's called Table Top it can't be lifted up and moved around. This is a well running heavy duty drill press. When I see photos of other workshops, I'm always surprised to see they purchased the cheapest drill press they could find. I use this all the time and it's a workhorse. I also purchased this one based on several reviews.








This is a Makita Compressor. Again I don't have anything to compare it to but I like it. I don't think I would purchase anything made by Makita again based on the poor customer service and lack of knowledgeable staff. I just purchased a hose reel and I'm planning on mounting it on the wall to give me more floor space. It's weights about 80 lbs.







Woodcraft grinder.









Bilsom earphones with AM/FM radio and ipod attachment. I absolutely love these. These are the best ever AM/FM hearing protection radio I've found on the market. I searched the Internet and read the different reviews. They were hard to find but I purchased mine off the Internet from a web site call Boss Safety. The head phones are Bilsom Radio Hi-Visibility Earmuffs with AM/FM & MP3 Input. I have an old pair of the Worktunes analog/dial tuned version. They worked OK but I didn't want to chance the digital because of the reviews. When I first put the Bilsom earmuffs on and turned on the radio, I couldn't believe the sound quality. It wasn't even close to my old Worktunes. This was like a quality radio. I was only able to receive a few stations with the Worktunes but with these I think I'm able to receive as many stations as my car radio. I've used them for awhile, using the AM, FM and the Ipod adapter, and still love them.