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Problems with wood for top
   Making cauls for the top
   Deciding on the type of glue to use for the top
   Gluing the top
   Cutting the top
   Deciding on the design for the edge of the top


Problems with the wood for the top

I purchased 14’ of 6/4 African mahogany rough wood. I cut the wood into 3 pieces. (4’, 4’, and 6’)

Because it’s been about 100 degrees in my garage, I decided to take it to my local lumberyard and have the yard finish the 1/8” left to plane and use their jointer on the boards.

They told me they don’t have a jointer instead they use their table saw to do all their glue ups. Now that I have the boards home there’s no way I can glue up the board based on their table saw cut.

They had also planed the boards but when I got them home, one board is twisted. It wasn't like this before and I planed most of the rough wood but since my planer is small I thought I’d have them take off the last 1/8”. Before taking the boards in they all were flat. They all came from the same one board but now I have one that’s twisted.

After time all three board were unacceptable to use for the top so I went to a different lumberyard and purchased some very nice 3/4 finished African mahogany. I looked at some genuine mahogany but the color was too different from the rest of my piece.


Making cauls for gluing the top together

To see how I made the cauls in more detail click here.

I made two different types of cauls. One type for my bar clamps and another for clamping the top together.

pipe clamp cauls


Deciding on the type of glue to use for the top


Gluing the top

clamping the top


clamping top


   Cutting the top

top before cutting

cutting the top

top cut


   Deciding on the design for the edge of the top


top molding


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