My Garage

I'm using my garage as a workshop. I like to park my car in the garage once in while so everything is on wheels so it can be moved out of the way. My garage started out with stud walls with one pull light in the middle of the garage and one outlet. So I contacted a friend to help me with rewiring and adding outlets. I added 8 double lighted overhead shop lamps. Next I learned how to drywall. I'll never do that again. (Note to self - Hire someone if you ever need to drywall again). In hindsight, I wish I had used plywood instead of drywall so I would be able to hang anything anywhere. I did note where all the studs were before putting the drywall up. This made it much easier later on when I hung something on the walls. My house was built in 1938. The garage was 20' long by 16' wide. As time passed, cars changed and the front ends got a lot longer so at some point one of the owners added some room for the front of his car. In the photo below you can see the lower part of the back wall is deeper.

my garage


If you look at the lower right hand corner of the photo above you can see part of a Bosch Construction saw. See tool review if you would like to read about this saw.

After the drywall I started adding the shelving. I looked all over the Internet for ideas. I wanted to put something over the garage door so I wouldn't waste the room. After reviewing what was out there, I decided to make something myself. I did this so it would be strong but cheaper than similar shelves. I purchased the metal post and beams from a company called Universal Storage Solutions in El Monte, CA. I then purchased the plywood from Home Depot.

shelving more shelving

These are approximately 4' X 6'. They're very strong and hold a lot.

shelving above the garage door


The back beam is bolted to the garage wall while the front angled post are bolted to the garage rafters.








I wanted to build a pergola. Yes this was quite a challenge for my first project. At the same time I signed up for a routing 101 class at the Woodcraft in Orange County. I highly recommend these classes to anyone. I learned so much from just this class. I think it turned out pretty nice. I'm putting down the fake grass.


Let's Get to the WorkShop

I'm currently working on organizing my workshop. If you look at my completed projects you can see how I've been doing. I plan on posting some photos of my workshop after I finish making my clamp holders and hanging my pipe clamps. I would like to add a cyclone but I don't have 220v outlet in my garage.

Here are some current photos of my workshop so far. I moved everything over to the side because I went on vacation and stored my vehicle in the garage. When I returned I moved the saw back in place.








I moved the saw and work bench back in place.





Newest Workshop Photos

I have since rearranged my shop and added a central dust collection system. Here are the lastest photos of my workshop.

left wall


right wall


powermatic jointer





center view


air compressor


This is my air compressor. Since this photo I have mounted it on the wall to save floor space.







Grizzly bandsaw






As you can tell this is my band saw











drill press




grinder    jet air filter

I have a lot more tools but most of them are shown in my finished projects or in the tool review section.